Have you ever rolled up to the drive thru, then wonder what you could do to make your fast food even more delicious? Well, the guys behind Cult Moo decided to deep fry their favorite Taco Bell menu items. The outcome was somewhat questionable, although the deep-fried Grilled Stuft Burrito turned out “f*cking amazing.”


“If you’re going to deep fry some fast food, definitely try McDonald’s,” one of the Cult Moo dudes says after frying five Taco Bell items. That being said, here’s a definitive ranking of each deep-fried Taco Bell item (from worst to best).

Deep-Fried Taco Bell, Ranked:

1. The Soft Taco: Coming in at number one for the worst deep-fried snack is the soft taco. These savages decided to fry the taco—lettuce and all. The snack turned out like a soggy, oily mess. 0/10. Would not recommend.

2. The Quesadilla: A brilliant idea, but an okay snack. You might be better off with some nachos.

3. Crunchwrap Supreme: Has potential, but remember not to over fry.

4. The Double-Decker Loco Taco: Better than the original soft taco idea and definitely more edible. The guys seemed to enjoy having a Doritos kick inside their crunchy tortilla.

5. Grilled Stuft Burrito: Easily the most impressive and delicious out of the deep-fried bunch. Although, the duo did not realize they’d simply made a Taco Bell version of a chimichanga.

Recreate the deep-fried Taco Bell Grilled Stuft Burrito at home:

1. Prepare your batter

For the guys at Cult Moo, the batter was the most important part of their experiment (second only to their impressive dance moves).  When deep frying Mexican food, you have to make sure to keep the favors alive. So they used cumin and chili powder to give their food an added kick.


2. Deep fry

Take it from the pros themselves that the amount of time the food is left in the deep fryer is extremely important. Carefully refer to our definitive ranking of deep fried Taco Bell goodies to determine which foods you are willing to try for yourself.


3. Have hot sauce on lock

Because even if your deep-fried Crunchwrap Supreme might have failed, you still have four different hot sauces to make everything better.


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