Momofuku head honcho David Chang isn’t one to refrain from sharing his opinion, even if it’s a controversial #hottake. In the past, David Chang has proclaimed that you can judge a restaurant based on its toilet, that ramen is officially dead, and that he hates fancy beer. Now, Chang gives his two cents on what makes for a perfect burger.

In Chang’s “Burger Manifesto,” the connoisseur sings the praises of the White Castle burger. He says that burger’s simplicity, and its less-is-more quality, has set the standard for the burgers he truly enjoys today.

His ideal hamburger? “Bun, cheese, burger. Sometimes bacon. Ketchup on the side, so I can control it. Pickles—yes! Obviously. And the cheese thing has to be very clear: American cheese only.” Sounds like a simple request: not too many vegatables (it’s a burger, not a salad), no mustard, and pass on the too-lean grass-fed beef.

Chang goes on to argue that you can really mess up a burger when you try to get all fancy, like the Australians. He states,

“You know who fucks up burgers more than anyone else in the world? Australians. Australia has no idea what a burger is. They put a fried egg on their burger. They put canned beetroot on it, like a wedge of it. I am not joking you. This is how they eat their burger.”

Chang explicitly says that he is only anti-Australian when it comes to burgers—and not at all anti-Australian in general. Still, this hasn’t stopped Aussies from lashing out against the Momofuku chef.

Hate emails from Australia rule! Nothing but love for my mates down under @luckypeach

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It’s clear that Australians take pride in their pineapple, beetroot, and egg-topped burgers. While the hate mail hasn’t swayed his opinion, he still mentions a few joints down under that serve “Chang-approved” burgers. “There are a few notable exceptions to this, like Mary’s in Newtown. Australians: I love your country and I love your food, even if your burgers are mostly terrible.”

[via Lucky Peach]