It’s been a rough few years for Subway. Not only did the company’s sales drop over three percent in 2014, but after spokesperson Jared Fogel was investigated in a child pornography scandal, people no longer associated the chain solely with its low-calorie sandwiches.

Meanwhile, America’s outlook on what classifies as a “healthy” meal has shifted in the last few years. Americans no longer believe that low-calorie meals are the best option for your health. With a newfound appreciation for plant-based and high-carb diets, more and more people are looking to adopt the unprocessed and “clean” lifestyle. Health #influencers like Freelee the Banana Girl are leading the pack.

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Chipotle has tuned into the fickle mind of the health-conscious American, providing healthy, unprocessed, sustainably-sourced, and filling meals for customers.

Unlike Subway, Chipotle has adapted as the mindsets of Americans shift. After a rise in the popularity of the vegan lifestyle, Chipotle immediately introduced a tofu-based ‘Sofritas’ option. Meanwhile, Subway trailed behind, offering a “Veggie Delight” sandwich with zero protein.

The fast-food Mexican chain has convinced people that nixing a tortilla and opting for a bowl filled with sour cream and cheese is a healthy option. Folks like Andrew Hawryluk have shocked America with just how successful a daily Chipotle diet can be. The 23-year-old ate Chipotle burrito bowls for 153 days straight and got ripped in the process.

Sure, there might be more calories in a Chipotle burrito bowl than a burger at McDonald’s. Still, Chipotle’s less-processed ingredients prompt people to skip the fast-food drive-thru and stand in line for carnitas instead.


Andrew Hawryluk’s body after eating Chipotle for 153 days.

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