The world just keeps getting better for vegetarians. Back in May, Dan Barber brought a veggie burger to Shake Shack for a day. Meanwhile, at Del Posto chef Brooks Headley’s newly-opened Superiority Burger, “Everything is vegetarian; a lot is accidentally vegan. Just ask.”

But Burger King India could teach everyone—even world-renowned chefs—a thing or two about making vegetarian food tasty. In a country with a vegetarian majority, the chain knew it had best come correct with its veggie options, and Quartz reports that they did not disappoint. In fact, BK India’s special veggie options are such a hit, the chain is thinking about taking them global. Burger King India CEO Raj Varman said,

“Looking at the response here, the global management is evaluating introducing some of these options going forward to other vegetarian-friendly markets like the UK.”

We’re not alone in hoping BK global management will consider bringing some of these options to the U.S. as well. We think you’ll understand why when you take a look at Burger King India’s Paneer Melt, Chilli Cheezos, and more. 

Veg Whopper

bk india veg whopper

Paneer King Melt

bk india paneer melt

This basically sounds like the crispy Indian-style grilled cheese you never knew you wanted, but will be so glad when it’s in your mouth.

BK Veggie

bk india bk veggie

Spicy Bean Royale

bk india spicy bean royale

Veg Chilli Cheese Melt

bk india veg chilli cheese melt

Crispy Veg

bk india crispy veg

Veggie Strips

bk india veggie strips
If you’re worried about the healthiness of all those vegetables, these deep-fried strips can help. We’re drooling.

Veg Chilli Cheezos

bk india veg chilli cheezos

[via Quartz]