Here’s a recipe for “Stoop Shrimp,” a soon-to-be iconic Brooklyn dish: Get a few pounds of shrimp, put it on the stoop outside your apartment, and let it grill until cooked through.

The Brooklyn Daily reports that Dyker Heights resident Vinny V. spotted “an ingenius Brooklynite cook[ing] shrimp on a 72nd Street stoop—literally, on the concrete—during a hot June afternoon.”

Sounds like summertime fun to us!

But the stoop shrimp chef’s neighbors were not amused. Vinny V. tells Brooklyn Daily,

I thought, ‘Man, that’s dirty if somebody’s gonna eat that… What if a dog comes by and pees on it?’

Vinny says he came back later that day, and the woman had moved the shrimp from the stoop onto the sidewalk. “They were following the sun with the shrimp,” he said.

According to the news source, neighbors filed a complaint with 311 for a “condition attracting rodents” at the site of the sidewalk shrimp. But the woman who lives at the residence had already collected the cooked shrimp in a basket and brought them inside, according to Vinny.

Will she serve the shrimp blocktail to friends? Will she eat the stoop shrimp like popcorn on the couch? Will she put them in curry or make a sidewalk seafood jambalaya? We’ll keep you updated as details emerge.

[via The Brooklyn Daily, Gawker]