Wanna cook, b*tch?

Well, you better get your tickets for this Breaking Bad-inspired cocktail lab in London right now. The pop-up bar, called ABQ—which exists inside an actual RV trailer, where drinkers can “cook” their own cocktails—will only run until the end of October (and July and August are already sold out).

The lab opened to the public last night, July 23, and Mashable reporter Sam Haysom already vined the Walter White-approved operation.

Haysom reports that “Inside [the RV], bubbling beakers line up next to glass flasks, petri dishes, bottles of solutions and trays of blue crystals.”

Forty-seven dollars (or £30) will get you entrance into the RV and a chance to make your own Breaking Bad-inspired, chemically pure and stable cocktails.


“Instructions pinned to the walls detail the steps needed to create the drinks,” reports Haysom, “which include a rum punch named Blue Flynn.”

ABQ also sells Blue Sky Candy, so you can complete your meth-lab experience.


Photo: Firebox

If you’ve ever wanted to live the American dream of cooking meth inside an RV and becoming a drug kingpin, you won’t want to pass up this opportunity. Visit ABQ at 80 Eastway, London E9 5JH, Victoria Park, London.


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