It’s been quite the year for Ayesha and Stephen Curry, the newest addition to NBA royalty. With a NBA championship trophy and MVP title under his belt, plus a shout out in a Drake hit single, it seemed as though life couldn’t get any better for Steph Curry.

But as Steph rose to stardom, so did his family. With the birth of the newest Curry child, and his daughter Riley becoming an overnight viral sensation, Steph and Ayesha Curry had a lot to reflect upon for their fourth wedding anniversary.

The Curry family has proven throughout the years that nothing brings people together like a home cooked meal or a Chick-Fil-A run. Here’s a look at the role of food in the Curry household, in honor of Steph and Ayesha’s four years as America’s favorite NBA couple.

Only one way to spend the 4th anniversary! It’s part of our DNA. Happy Anniversary baby! #myting #4

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Food has truly proven to be an integral part of the Curry relationship. Ayesha, a blossoming culinary artist herself, integrates her family into every aspect of her life. Through her YouTube channel, Little Lights of Mine, Ayesha gives fans a peek into just how important of a role food plays in her household.

Despite Steph’s NBA stardom, he still makes family his upmost priority. Both Curry’s support one another in each of their passions, whether that means Ayesha shooting perfect three pointers while three months pregnant, or Steph helping out with waffles in the kitchen. Each Curry goes out of their way to show just how appreciative they are of one another, through little things like Instagram posts and Twitter updates.

The Curry family proves that even with hectic schedules and massive media attention, food can still play the role as a safe haven away from all the craziness. Here’s to the incredible past year the Curry’s were blessed with, and to many more in the future.