The top definition of “downtown sushi restaurant” on is “A woman’s vagina. Usually used when referring to cunnilingus.” Here’s a sample sentence using the word: I ate at her downtown sushi restaurant last night.

Now that we’ve cleared that up for you, take a peek at the video for Morrisville, PA rapper Asher Roth’s newly released single “Sushi,” featuring Fat Tony. The video is wacky and colorful, and the lyrics are filled with not-so-subtle sexual innuendos.

Avocado cucumber roll with the spicy tun’
But if you’re tuna’s spicy, then shoot…
I ain’t tryna fuck with you, I got better shit to do
Fish to skew, fish to fry, fish filet
Ask me where I’m from, I say close to Philly
Yay hooray, moved to L.A
Took a trip to SUGARFISH on my very first date.

Makes you want to grab a spicy tuna roll for lunch, doesn’t it?

[via YouTube]

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