Earlier this week, Ariana Grande was caught on camera licking random doughnuts without any intention of buying them, and stating that she “hates America.” The footage caught the attention of the local police who called the incident “malicious doughnut licking.” The 22-year-old diva then gave a half-ass apology for tonguing the pastries.

Now Grande has come forward for a second time to apologize for the doughnut-licking fiasco. Despite a puffy face post wisdom-teeth surgery, Ariana uploaded a video to Youtube Thursday night to discuss how sorry she is for using the footage as a soap box to talk about the American food system. She claims that the past few days have been tough for her, especially because she was not aware that the doughnut shop was filming while she was inside.

“I was so disgusted with myself. I shoved my face in a pillow and just wanted to dissapear.”

She goes on to say, “I am  22-years-old. I still have a lot to learn and I make my mistakes and that is how I’m going to learn.” Peep the apology above. We’re pretty sure Grande’s on some very strong pain meds.


But maybe Grande shouldn’t be apologizing at all: According to The Wrap, Grande’s doughnut-licking incident tripled business for Wolfee Donuts, the Lake Elsinore, CA shop where the whole fiasco went down. Marin says that people have been “flocking to the store in a show of support.” 

[via Youtube]