Turns out Americans aren’t the only lovers of strange television food shows.

After Adam Richman’s iconic series Man v. Food—which detailed the craziest U.S. food challenges—ended in 2011, reruns of the show picked up a huge following in Asian and Middle-Eastern countries, including Libya, Afghanistan, and Iran.

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The interest caught the attention of No Reservations star Anthony Bourdain, who claims that the daunting food challenges aren’t the only interesting factors the show has to offer the foreign countries. Bourdain recently told an audience at Atlanta’s Fox Theater that a show like Man v. Food is basically a recruiting tool for ISIS.

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According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, what Bourdain meant was the show validated every stereotype foreigners had about Americans. While on his ‘Close to the Bone’ tour, Bourdain expresses that people around the world love seeing Richman “eat more meat in one sitting than entire families consume in an entire year, confirming that Americans are just boorish, obese idiots.

For the international audience, shows such as Man v. Food may be the only opportunity to understand what America is like. He believes these television shows give people in other countries a false sense of the American public. Although, their opinions might not be too far off given that we have contests to see who can eat the most amount of hot dogs in ten minutes.

Bourdain went on to tell the audience at Fox Theater that his guilty pleasure is going to KFC—but he doesn’t go for the chicken. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,

Bourdain readily admitted his guilty pleasure is going to “the Colonel,” as he calls Kentucky Fried Chicken. Not for the chicken, mind you. “It’s the mac and cheese!” he said. And when fans catch him there, he likens it to being recognized leaving a porn shop.

That’s a pretty great plug for KFC mac, and a pretty big hit to Adam Richman’s ego.

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