The anaconda is known for it’s terrifying size, consumption of large prey, and for its cameo in a Nicki Minaj music video.

Villagers in Guaruja, Brazil found a dead anaconda with a dormant food baby in its belly early Thursday. The men decided to cut the snake open to determine the cause of death, discovering the snake had consumed another anaconda.

The DailyMail reports that anaconda snakes traditionally go for four-legged prey such as deer, pigs, and caimen. In the case of this anaconda, it died trying to eat the other snake, leaving him with a swollen and bloated belly.

America has a fascination with large snakes consuming things they probably shouldn’t—which has prompted crazies like American naturalist Paul Rosolie to film himself getting eaten by an anaconda. This stunt was taken up by the Discovery Channel and majorly hyped up before the naturalist chickened out in fear that he would break a bone.

If you’re looking to see other impressive snake meals, this python swallowed a whole porcupine before falling off a cliff to his demise.

[via UPI]