McDonald’s fans recently received great news (if you’d like to call it that) when a reported franchisee confirmed the existence of the company’s “secret menu”—meaning hybrid breakfast-and-chicken sandwiches can now be enjoyed by all in-the-know patrons.

That’s cool for those who are amped enough to order a Land, Sea, and Air Burger, but perhaps not the general population. Now here’s something that everyone can appreciate: The company announced that it could roll out its long-anticipated all-day breakfast menu as early as October.

The Wall Street Journal broke the news, reporting that it had reviewed a memo sent by Tucson, AZ, franchisee LeAnn Richards that advised fellow McDonald’s operators to prepare their staffs for the menu shift. According to Richards—who’s on a committee to look at expanding the breakfast menu—McD’s customers pine for the ability to grab McMuffins after 10:30 a.m. more than anything else.

That means it’s a done deal, right? Not quite. Richards’ note only advises restaurant owners to be ready by October. Also, the WSJ points out the several bureaucratic hurdles that need to be cleared first.

Before all-day breakfast can become a reality, various franchisee committees have to approve it. Franchisees need to place equipment orders by mid-August and decide by then whether they want their new menu boards to feature biscuits or muffins for the breakfast sandwiches, according to the memo.

Expect to find out if owners approved the plan by mid-August: WSJ reports initial votes from franchisee leadership groups will be held on August 14.

[via Wall Street Journal]