Unlike Waffle House, Subway typically isn’t a magnet for debauchery; yet the sandwich chain was the setting for a violent brawl caught on camera at 2am last Saturday night.

The wilding out begins with one Subway customer head butting a man identified as 26-year-old Jonathan Tyler Pugh.


The crowd begins cheering as the fight escalates. In retaliation, Pugh grabs his opponent and throws him through the front window. His face appears mutilated and bloody after Pugh shoves him through the glass.


When you watch the video, be sure not to miss the moment when the cameraman turns his phone on himself and laughs hysterically. Ruthless.

n0wctWe’d like to think this insanity started over a debate between 9-Grain Wheat and Italian Herbs & Cheese—or snagging the last bag of Doritos. While we don’t know what caused the fight, we do know that this Subway is LIT.

[via NYDN]