If you follow Huy Fong’s crack-like rooster sauce at all, you’ve probably already seen how it gets made. But do you know why Sriracha affects your taste buds like nothing else? Thankfully, Wired had some animators create this spicy video that shows you exactly what happens when each and every molecule of hot sauce hits your tongue.

First, The Capsaicin Hits

Heat and pain sensations then travel up your trigeminal nerve into your brain.

Then the Garlic Kicks In

Garlic also communicates via the trigeminal nerve, stimulating your TRPA1 receptors, which are also responsible for wasabi’s mighty sting when you eat sushi.

Finally, Everything Else Joins The Party

Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami elements don’t need the trigeminal nerve’s help; they can talk to your brain just fine on their own.

As fans know, Huy Fong Foods’ Sriracha has depth of flavor, not just pure heat. That’s why applying it to other foods helps your taste buds explore flavor nuances you may not have noticed before.

Now every time we eat something with Sriracha, we’ll imagine this happy brain dance. Thanks, Wired animators.

[via Wired, Design Taxi]

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