You might not think it based off happy-go-lucky singles like “All Star,” but Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth is apparently one angry dude.

This past weekend, we saw an explosion of Harwell’s rage when the ’90s super-group was headlining the annual Taste of Fort Collins festival in Colorado. A vendor there was giving out free bread, so naturally the crowd started tossing slices in the air like frisbees, some of which landed onstage.

While the local birds may have been delighted, Harwell started threatening the audience.

Here’s a transcript:


“If you throw one more piece of shit on the fuckin’ stage, I’m gonna come find your ass, and I’m gonna beat your ass, wherever the fuck you are out there, okay?

You wanna be a badass, come on up here! Come on! Walk your badass up here, come on! Come on stage, badass! Come on!

You walk your bad ass on stage right now, and I will tell you right now, I will beat the fuck out of you, okay? You’re a pussy [unintelligible] and a bitch, okay?

You’re ruining the show for thousands of people right now, because I’m going to walk off the stage right now, and guess what? You’re paying for it, motherfucker.

Come on, throw one more thing at me right now, and I’m gonna find your ass.”


All that drama over slices of bread. Something must’ve been off for Harwell, who we know has a good sense of humor after agreeing to eat a sh*t load of eggs.


We kind of felt sorry for the rest of the band as they just kept repeating the opening riff from “All Star” in the background, clearly trying to start the song while Harwell was busy courting everyone with an active YouTube account and a smartphone. In any case, the audience jumped in and sang the damn song themselves when Harwell couldn’t be bothered.

Dude clearly needs to take a lesson from our favorite crowdsurfing/beer-catching rock god, David Acter de Molen.

[via Defamer]