Since opening their first restaurant in 2005, Twin Peaks—the latest addition to the “breastaurant” scene—has taken the world of dude-fueled fantasy dining by storm. Over the course of a decade, the restaurant has expanded to 68 stores, with 53% growth over the past three years, and $240 million in sales in 2014.

In a recent interview with Forbes, hot wings enthusiasts and business lovers alike get to peek into the (Texas-loving) mind of Twin Peaks’ founder, Randy DeWitt. Here are some of the gems from the conversation.

DeWitt uses the interview to throw some serious shade on Hooters and his other “breastaurant” competition, and to assure everyone that his wife is completely on board (right…) with the restaurants.

On whether or not Hooter’s was “racy” enough:

“I don’t know if I said that exactly, but certainly the brand had gotten very tired over the years.”

On why he decided to open a “breastaurant” concept:

“The big idea of a sports bar environment with an all female staff serving supercold beer and the kind of food you eat while watching a sporting event is not exactly a new idea. But when I surveyed the landscape of who was in that segment I just felt like the competition was a little bit vulnerable and that we could outexecute them.”

randy-dewitt-undercover-boss-twin-peaksDeWitt on an episode of Undercover Boss (Photo: LA Late)

Oh how Texans (of course) love Twin Peaks:

“Texas, by far, where we started [has the most restaurants]. There’s 24 or 25, and several more coming. We like to expand in concentric circles around the Dallas market.”

On Twin Peaks’ unique approach to beer:

“When you say you have cold beer, how do you prove that? At Twin Peaks we put a temperature gauge on the beer system and show you digitally what the temperature of the beer coming out of the taps is. Our target is 29 degrees Fahrenheit.”

On his wife:

“I’ve been married 20 years…[my wife] was a participant in the creation of all of our restaurant concepts.”