Of all the drive-thrus out there, it’s pretty well known that the one most likely to be backed up into oblivion with late-night snackers is Taco Bell. A 2014 study revealed that fast food drive-thru wait times, on average, have climbed to record highs as of 2013, clocking in at 180 seconds (almost 3 minutes) per visit.

For one particular Iowa man, though, the indignation of a 45-minute-long wait for his gordita fix was almost too much to bear.

Matt Hollinger live-tweeted his experience being “trapped” in the line at Des Moines to his followers Friday night in a campaign that quickly went viral:

Hollinger eventually began making demands, including free tacos and sponsorship opportunities:

Finally, Hollinger was able to escape:

Unfortunately, there seems to be no movement on Taco Bell’s side to make amends:

But whether or not Taco Bell decides to make the relationship right, another snack will always be a trusted companion:

As of today, Hollinger is unsure what to do with his new-found Internet fame:

[via Daily Mail]