We were just listening to Shia LaBeouf rap about tuna casserole when we stumbled across the above YouTube gem. In the video, two little boys are enjoying some beans on toast when the younger one senses a disturbance in The Force.

Before the jingle even sounds, the little guy knows the ice cream man is approaching.

ice cream van

The older boy hears the music and can’t contain his excitement, either.

ice cream van 2

We hope that both kids got a frozen treat after all that excitement—especially since whoever was shooting the video couldn’t stop laughing at them as they picked themselves up off the ground.

Good ice cream can make Kanye smile, and it can make kids fall over. It has strange, unearthly powers that can’t be mimicked by the likes of fro yo or Chobani.

That’s why you need to get your ice cream game on lock for the July 4th weekend. First, consult Morgenstern’s 10 Ice Cream Sundae Commandments to create the G.O.A.T. sundae, then check out this handy primer on making epic ice cream sandwiches at home.

When a guest at your July 4th BBQ falls flat on his face in anticipation of you bringing out dessert, you’ll know it’s not just because he’s been chugging Tecates since noon.

[via YouTube]