Japan may have cornered the market on randomly themed cafes, but the idea of combining food with the opportunity to hang with cats, dogs, and even sheep has slowly been gaining currency in other countries.

Now, an East London pop-up is turning the game of cute-and-cuddly dining on its head with the Blobfish Cafe, set to open in Summer 2016.

blobfish 2

According to the official Blobfish Cafe FAQ, the poor, under-appreciated blobfish was voted World’s Ugliest Animal in 2013.

Whether you think it looks more like Clayface or Ziggy, the team wants to educate while entertaining. So they’re bringing three blobfish named Barry, Lorcan, and Lady Swift to the people of East London.

Can You Touch Them?

Blobfish are naturally deep-sea dwellers. That’s why the Blobfish Cafe proprietors have been working with a team of marine biologists to safely transport and set up appropriate pressurized tank dwellings for their three blobfish charges.

Unlike cafes that feature mammals, reptiles, or birds, these blobfish will be off-limits for petting. However, their specially designed viewing tank will guarantee that you see the blobfish every time you visit.

Will There Be A Cover Charge?

blobfish cafe

No cover charge—or ballot—will be required to visit the Cafe. The proprietors do caution that “all of our revenue will be made from selling drinks and food – meaning they will most likely be slightly overpriced.” 

No opening date has been announced yet, but if you want to keep up to date with all the latest news about the Blobfish Cafe, Lorcan the Blobfish has an official Twitter account here.


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