A ship from an undisclosed country in Central America docked in Spain over the weekend. Onboard were 10 shipping containers stuffed with hollowed-out pineapples filled with 200 kilos of cocaine, which Spanish police found and seized.

pineapple coca 1

The shipment arrived in the southern port of Algeciras, which is one of Europe’s largest and busiest ports.

The official police statement says,

“Among the thousands of fresh pineapples inside the containers, they found fruit that had been hollowed out and stuffed with drugs and then covered with a yellow wax that simulated the color of pineapple pulp.”

The final destination of these pineapples was two separate companies: one in Madrid and one in a town called Sant Quirze del Valles, which is near Barcelona. Police did not give specifics on the tips that led them to this bust. So far, three people have been detained as part of the police investigation.


This isn’t the first time smugglers have used the old “let’s hide cocaine in pineapples” trick. The Telegraph reports that just last year, police in Algeciras seized 2.5 tonnes of cocaine hidden inside a shipment originating in Costa Rica.

It’s also just the most recent in a long line of criminals smuggling drugs inside innocent food items. Almost a year ago, a Mexican drug cartel attempted to smuggle millions of dollars of marijuana into the U.S. inside fake watermelons. If that cartel had a talk with the people who packed the pineapples, they could have made one hell of a fruit salad.

Earlier this year, Feds conducted a huge drug bust in Chicago after some inconsiderate criminals ruined a bunch of avocado pulp by stuffing it with 2,100 pounds of weed. But maybe we have it all wrong, and the smugglers in the weed cases thought they were doing everyone a favor by providing healthy munchies with their product. And the Spanish smugglers could have just wanted to protect their buyers from scurvy. Or not.

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