In an interview with Conan, comedian Jeff Ross admitted to choppin’ down trees with Snoop and Martha Stewart the GAWD during the Bieber roast. He also admits to “shotgunning one right into her mouth.” Ross tells Conan,

“Roasts are high pressure. So Snoop, during the commercial breaks, will give me the old elbow, and we’ll go in the back and maybe—you know—decompress a little bit.

And Snoop pulled out whatever you would smoke stuff out of, and me, him, and Martha Stewart got a little stoned. But she didn’t want to smoke directly, so i shotgunned one right into her mouth. We only had one hit left… she was a great sport.”

This doesn’t come as THAT much of a surprise, seeing that Martha basically admitted to being a fryer while roasting J. Biebs.

But of course a woman who has a recipe roundup called “One-Bowl Baking Wonders” on her website likes to blaze.


[via Conan, GQ]