Above is a video of Shia LaBeouf rapping. It would behoove you to watch it because LaBeouf has just proven himself to be a master of food rap. While he spits some suspect bars about repping L.A. and being underground like “[Harriet] Tubman,” he hits his stride when the food references start flowing at the 1:50 mark.

Watch how the rat-tail gawd cooks:

“Still breaking down potatoes like I’m fucking Galileo
I’m still up inside the sky like I’m fucking mashed potatoes
Making no sense but it don’t really matter, though
Eat any rapper like I’m eating tuna casserole.”

LaBeouf has made a bizarre, post-modern pivot in his career recently, drawing questions about whether his antics are genuine or part of some elaborate, Joaquin Phoenix-esque performance-art experiment.

Either way, the Transformers actor has the charisma and intensity to make even the most lackluster rhymes work, so we’re hoping this isn’t the last freestyle we hear from him. After all, who else has the ability to turn tuna casserole into a punishing punchline?

UPDATE: Turns out some of those fire bars weren’t all that original. The Transformers star allegedly lifted some of his freestyle rap from a track by the Anomolies called “Perfectionist.” Called out.

But it’s not the first time LaBeouf has plagiarized prose: Let’s not forget that time LaBeouf copied a few paragraphs from an Esquire article titled “What Is a Man” and pasted them into a letter he “wrote” to Alec Baldwin.

[via Gawker, h/t Uproxx]