Lil Mama released her “Sausage” music video last week, which used the social media trend #SausageMovement as the backbone to its Internet-nodding subject matter.

While it’s fair to say that most paid Mama’s co-opting a quick, disinterested glance, one person definitely wasn’t pleased after seeing the clip: Matthew Bellamy, the creator of the #SausageMovement.

Bellamy took to Facebook to air his grievances with Mama’s video. He claims that he spoke with Mama about getting involved, but she didn’t provide the necessary funds and transportation to get him to the shoot.

He starts the video by talking about how the whole #SausageMovement idea came about:

Me and my homie… we invented this together. It started 11th, 10th grade in basketball practice, just having fun, playing around. Everyone says sausage thing but it was always grits with the cheese with the eggs with the sausage, and then we just kept going from there.

After the chant and its clip made the rounds—and, to Bellamy’s disappointment, its lyrics changed—it came to the attention of Mama, whom Bellamy contacted through Instagram after he was alerted to the song she made in his honor. He mentioned that his friends threatened Mama with “lawsuit!,” but all he wanted was to appear in her video. Mama said she wanted to link up and passed along the information for her assistant to Bellamy. Here’s what went down next:

So we was on the phone, talking. She told me… she wanted me to come up there. I was like, ok, shit, I wanna go to New York. In my head, I’m so excited, I’m happy. She said, we need to get you up to New York. You ain’t got no family members that stay up here or nothing? I said, no, I ain’t got not family, I stay in Miami…. so I said, you can’t fly me up there? she told me she not getting no funds from the project, she told me that later on, but this is what she told me: Alright, look, check out the Greyhound and see how much a ticket is for you and another person.

He said it equated to two-hundred-and-some dollars. He provided that information to Mama’s team. They told him that since they weren’t getting any funds for the video, they couldn’t get him up to New York. Again they asked Bellamy if he had family in New York and again he responded no. Mama made the video; Bellamy called bullsh*t via social media.

[pullquote]You did the song without my permission, without my consent…. [David said that] you was going to put me in it or you were going to put [in] the clip. By the way, she told me her friend was recording the video…. [But] look at the production of the video. Look at it! Look at how she’s in the middle of the New York…. Look at how she’s in the streets. You have to pay to get the roads blocked off like that…. [And] I know she had to pay those people to come out. [/pullquote]

To our knowledge, Lil Mama hasn’t issued a reply to Bellamy’s Facebook video yet. But there may be an even bigger issue—should Bellamy being crying foul over a meme? Since when can you claim authorship to an Internet phenomenon?