Rapper Rick Ross and his #shoutouttoallthepear catchphrase got the pear industry booming.

In May of last year, British TV host Tim Westwood interviewed Rick Ross backstage at his London show. When the pair got chatting about the rapper’s weight loss, he revealed that in addition to his Rossfit workout routine, he’s made dietary changes too: “I forgot what fruit tasted like. I eat pears now and shit like that.” The shirtless rapper then looks into the camera and says the line that launched a thousand vines: “Shout out to all the pear.”

Then why, in this Coveteur interview with Ross’ personal chef Amaris Jones, does she not once mention Ross eating pears? It seems that Ross has moved on to fresh berries, juice made with everything from pineapple to beets, and lamb chops cooked with blood oranges.

Has Ross abandoned the pear completely, or has the hood billionaire simply diversified and expanded his love of fruit? Should Ross’ new-for-2015 catchphrase be #shoutouttoallthefruit?

Chef Jones shares the “Boss Salad” recipe she makes for Ross, which mentions pear approximately zero times. The salad—which features romaine hearts, dijon, parmesan, and lemon—would clearly benefit from the addition of pear.


Ingredients via the Coveteur


Is the pear’s fateful decline into obscurity inevitable? Will it be left to rot, like a sad washed-up musician, in grocery stores across America?

One thing is certain: The fate of the pear lies entirely in Rick Ross’ hands.

[via the Coveteur]