Yoya Takahashi, the chef at L.A. sushi restaurant Hamasaku, partnered with Buzzfeed to create a video proving that although sushi may be readily available wherever you are, it might not be your best lunch option. While sampling sushi from various convenience and grocery stores, Takahashi was very hesitant about eating some of the fish upon realizing it’s low grade. The Trader Joe’s sushi sampler plate was so bad, it left Takahashi speechless.

“Bad shrimp smell…Do I have to eat this one? Wow… I literally can’t say anything.”   

Here’s a definitive ranking (from the best to the worst) of some of the most common grocery and convenience-store sushi available according to Takahashi.

1. Sushi Stop

This small California-based sushi chain earned a 3 out of 5 star rating from the sushi chef. Takahashi describes the roll as “kinda tasty” and “not frozen,” which are all pretty disappointing descriptions, considering the restaurant is dedicated to producing sushi.sushistop

2. Whole Foods

Takahashi’s first impression of Whole Food’s sushi was, “this is nice, and kind of pricey actually.” Unfortunately, the sushi didn’t live up to its expectations, earning it 2.5 stars. Takahashi describes the sushi as having a “play-doh consistency” and containing sub-par wasabi.WFs

3. 7-Eleven

Convenience store sushi is never a good idea. While the roll had good avocado, Takahashi describes the taste of it as overwhelming. The rice was “too mushy” and did not taste at all like sushi rice, earning itself 1 star.7elev

4. Walgreens

If you’re hungry and inside a Walgreens, you might want to pass on their sushi rolls. Takahashi immediately, noticed a pink residue on his first piece of sushi, indicating it was a frozen piece of fish.  He describes the roll as “kinda sad” with “okay tuna,” achieving a .5 rating. wall

5. Trader Joe’s

Coming in last place with a 0 (or as Takahashi put it, “negative 0″) star ranking is Trader Joe’s. While Takahashi does frequently shop at the store, he’s never bought their sushi, and now we know why. He describes the roll as having a “bad smell” and asks if he needs to eat it. The fish was frozen and the rice was hard, leaving Takahashi speechless.