Meet the pacu: It’s a fish that’s native to South America and belongs nowhere else but there. However, a South Jersey native just pulled one from his local lake.

WPVI-6 in Phialdelphia reports Ron Rossi was fishing in Swedes Lake on Sunday in Burlington County, N.J., when he reeled in this ugly-looking motherf*cker. Rossi and his son, Frank, couldn’t identify it, so they researched what it was, eventually realizing it’s a pacu after pulling down its lower lip to reveal the teeth.

WPVI then provided clarification about how the pacu probably ended up there:

State officials say the answer begins with people buying Pacu from pet stores for their aquariums.

A spokesperson from the DEP sent Action News a statement reading in part, “Many times, these fish are deposited into lakes by pet owners. These fish do not survive in colder water, so we encourage people not to release it into the wild but to humanely destroy the fish.”

The fish has long been rumored to munch on human testicles, but that’s false. Despite having huge, human-like teeth, pacus feast almost primarily on fruit that fall into rivers. But just look at it: This thing just looks as if it’d go to town on some nuts if presented with the opportunity.

People, stop buying these things and dropping them in your local rivers. We don’t want them here. Thanks—Sincerely, Concerned North American land-dweller.

[via WPVI-6]