South Korea’s absurdist variety show, Infinite Challenge, is by far the most popular non-drama television show on air in the country—and after watching the video above, you’ll understand why.

In one recent episode, two contestants equipped with bibs and dressed in onesies hopped on a roller coaster and were handed bowls of a Korean noodle dish, jjajangmyun, by two cheerleaders. The task at hand? Down the noodles without spilling.

Obviously, when you’re falling at speeds of 80 mph, shoveling food into your mouth is no easy feat. But it was evident from the get-go that one of the participants possessed some admirable noodle poise, unlike his companion.


Still, even the best can only do so much to defy gravity.



The cheerleaders didn’t have much too root for, after all.


“This is the taste of heaven. Blessing the world with jjajangmyun!”

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