In “Tea With Tyson,” Daily Line co-host Reese Waters conducts a groundbreaking interview over breakfast with heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. The throwback clip touches on important topics like Tyson’s tea preferences (“Earl grey sucks. Chamomile is cool”); thoughts on cannolis (“I hate cannolis. They’re like a curse to me”); and opinions on re-gifting toasters (“I’d probably take it to the pawn shop”). Tea_with_Tyson_AWKWARD_INTERVIEW

The following is an excerpt from Reese Waters’ bio, talking about the painfully awkward 2010 interview,

Nothing, however, prepared the audience, producers and crew for “Tea With Tyson,” his death defying interview over breakfast with the heavyweight champ, where Waters was able to get the often shy Tyson to expound on his love of pigeons and his hatred for cannolis. Log onto YouTube for four scary minutes of tv history…

Happy birthday, Iron Mike. Hopefully no one gifts you any cannolis.


[via YouTube]