Forty-nine-year-old New Jersey native, Gregory Murphy, was arrested last week at Newark airport when TSA found a bag of Mary Jane peanut butter chews that contained carefully wrapped pieces of dank pot instead of the traditional peanut butter candy.

While not the best smuggler known to man, Murphy’s efforts to bring along his bag of less than 50 grams of pot on his trip definitely shows just how wonderful a sense of humor he must have. We imagine him rolling himself his little candy chew-sized parcels of sticky-icky at his kitchen table and giggling, all while basking in his genius and sense of irony.

TSA spokes person Lisa Farbstein described Murphy’s smuggled weed as “artfully concealed,” a reference we are hoping refers to Murphy’s impressive rolling skills. Besides the appropriately packaged weed candies, Murphy was also found to be in possession of rolling papers and was consequently charged with possession of drug paraphernalia as well as marijuana possession.

Murphy is expect to appear in court on July 7th, where his astute sense of humor will undoubtedly help him curry favor with the judge.

[via Gothamist]