If 40 knife-wielding gang members swarmed the restaurant you were eating at, your first reaction would be to for safety, right?

That was not the case for one man in Taiwan, who ignored a bunch of machete-toting gangsters and calmly slurped his bowl of noodles with impressive poise. We can’t help but think that Anthony Bourdain would be proud.


The Daily Mail says of the incident:

The man, wearing a blue jacket and a baseball cap, remains at the table for 10 minutes before getting up and leaving, reported People’s Daily Online.

At one point, he moves his chair slightly as the gang members fight right next to his table. 

One man lost his nose during the bloody brawl, while another had a tendon in his arm cut open.

An innocent bystander, who was with his pregnant wife at the time, was also injured.

Talk about an inconvenience.