Recently, we embarked on a very academic analysis of the reigning Pizza Queens of pop culture, looking at the respective slice conquests of Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry. But shame on us for forgetting about Gaga.

This week, the singer pulled one of the greatest pizza power moves of the year, leaving a post-gig piano session at a lounge in NYC—where she performed in a bra—to grab some grub at Famous Amadeus Pizza in Midtown. Apparently, even the lingerie was too hot, so she decided to take it off. It was a fair move; as we all know, pizza is best eaten naked.

Here’s the Lady Gaga guide to eating pizza like a legend:

Step 1: Roll up to the function rocking a bra.

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Step 2: Sing your ass off in a bra.

Step 3: Remove bra; get pizza.

Step 4: Say au revoir paparazzi, hello pepperoni.


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