If you find yourself at Menbakaichidai restaurant in Kyoto, Japan, get ready for the most hardcore ramen experience imaginable. Menbakaichidai specializes in ‘Fire Ramen,’ a green onion noodle soup where hot oil is added before the chef sets your meal ablaze.

For 1150 yen, your bowl comes complete with a soy-based broth mixed with pork, green onion, ramen noodles—and of course, a pyrotechnic show.

Watch the chefs ignite bowls of ramen in the video below.

The father-and-son duo who own Menbakaichidai dreamt up the Fire Ramen 30 years ago. It’s developed such a huge following of superfans that the restaurant opened a ‘Ramen University’ where students can learn how to make their own ramen at the restaurant.

tripPhoto: Trip Advisor

Here’s a typical Ramen University syllabus, courtesy of Menbakaichidai:

1. Introduction
Learn Japanese and basic cooking skills.
2. “Yukiri” practice
Practice how to shake off the noodles once they are boiled.
3. Cooking
Blend your own soup mix. This includes picking the garnishes, toppings, and your own preference of noodles.
5. “Yukiri” in the kitchen
Time to put your cooking skills to the test by putting together your bowl.
6. Taste your ramen
Enjoy your one-of-a-kind creation.
7. Watch as chefs demo the famous fire ramen
That’s why you’re here, right?
8. Certification
Congratulations, you are now a ramen master and have a sick new party trick to show to your friends.

So far, no one has been hurt eating the Fire Ramen—but if this becomes a trend in college towns in America, that’s all about to change.new