It’s been great watching Kanye finally achieve his dreams in the cruel world of fashion this year. But as he knocks down one barrier after another, we couldn’t help but wonder if he was putting his eggs in the wrong basket. Kanye talks a lot about his aspirations reaching far beyond music and design—he wants to make the world awesome in all aspects.

Sometimes that bullheaded mission leads to adversity for the divisive star—the type of conflict that makes a guy go off and create a brash, discordant album like Yeezus. But amidst the Good Life highs and the Black Skinhead lows, one thing has consistently made the weary Kanye West happy (besides, you know, we’re assuming, his beautiful family): ice cream.

Go ahead and Google image it—Kanye is positively beaming anytime he’s near a scoop, even if it’s plain vanilla. Adidas Yeezy Season is cool and all, but why not channel that entrepreneurial energy into the very thing bringing light to your dark twisted life, ‘Ye? Can you imagine the minds behind DONDA whipping up soft-serve creations for your pleasure?

Well, now you don’t have to, because we did the imagining for you. To show Kanye the possibilities in the world of frozen confections, we’ve created a partial menu—complete with flavors and sizes—of the game-changing parlor he’d surely create if given half a chance. This is just the tip of the ice…cream.

Fashion is cool, ‘Ye, but we’ve found your next calling—and what better time than your 38th birthday to plot your next move.

Click through the slide show above to see the full menu of Yeezy-inspired flavors.