The comic geniuses at Sausage Party remade the trailer for the newest Jurassic Park movie with hot dogs and dino nuggets and taquitos. It is glorious. Jurassic Pork has everything you could want from a summer blockbuster, all packed into 57 seconds of char-grilled, deep-fried, and breaded perfection.

This trailer has it all.

Dog Starring As Shark; Taquito Hero

jurassic pork 1

Dino Nugget Stars

jurassic pork 2

Spaghetti-Faced Chris Pratt

jurassic pork 3

Seriously, what more do you need? We’d most definitely watch this movie—shoot, we’d probably watch it twice.

Here’s the Jurassic Pork trailer by itself, without the side-by-side comparison to the original.

[via Buzzfeed]