What do George Costanza and Jenna Jameson have in common? Aside from hating shrinkage, they both converted religions in the name of love.

If you follow the porn star on social media (of course you do), then you may have been wondering about the recent onslaught of Jewish-related posts.


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The good people over at Tablet pointed out that during a Twitter conversation with fellow adult-film pro Nina Hartley, Jameson revealed that she was converting to Judaism (ostensibly for her new boo, an Israeli diamond dealer based in L.A.).

Jenna is proving to be a precocious student, and has already begun learning the Hebrew alphabet (left to right, Jenna!).

Sure, she can spit—ahem—some Hebrew here and there, but to adopt a full Jewish lifestyle, everyone knows you must perfect the Sabbath dinner, one of the main centerpieces of Jewish tradition.

Judging by her IG and Twitter feed, Jameson is on the fast-track to the bima.

What’s the first step to preparing for the Sabbath? A trip to the Glatt Kosher Market, of course, to pick up groceries. The term glatt denotes that the product was processed under a strict standard of kashrut, but I don’t need to tell her that.

Israeli couscous and cake meal are par for the course. 

Matzoh topped with homemade Israeli hot sauce and sliced avocadoes give this meal a nice contemporary touch.

Maine course- Tilapia with avocado, matzah and home made chili sauce from Israel! Shabbat Shalom!!!!! A photo posted by Jenna Jameson (@jennacantlose) on

Vegetables play a crucial role in the Israeli diet.  

  Fennel, Persian cucumber, tomato and cilantro salad garnished with red chili peppers and sarache …. To be continued   A photo posted by Jenna Jameson (@jennacantlose) on

Looks like she’s already perfected the spread.

Braiding challah bread is about one steady motion—left hand, right hand.   

Even for being new to the game, Jenna has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Nailed it. 

Embracing her new Jewish life comes much easier when you have the support of your fans. Nice touch Poor Bunny


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