Ice cream is having a moment. Over Father’s Day weekend, Beyoncé posted a photo of Jay Z taking their three-year-old daughter Blue Ivy for snack time at the ice-cream truck.

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While the snap definitely helped solidify Jigga as a Father’s Day champ, what’s most important here is a clear statement Jay and Bey are making to the world: Move over Kimye, there’s officially one other person that gets more excited about snacking on delicious frozen treats than you. We’re talking about Blue Ivy, the new Queen of Ice Cream.

queenPhoto: Instagram/@beyonce

Our new queen appears to be a free thinker, eschewing purist options like Fudge Bars and push pops in favor of the bright-blue, deranged-looking frozen face of a SpongeBob SquarePants ice creamsicle.


We wonder if she’s too young to appreciate more beautiful but darkly lit offerings—like the I Am a God Ice Cream Croissantwich or Kim K. Thirst Trap Sundae—that we created for #KanyeIceCreamWeek.

When it comes to paparazzi photo ops, Kanye and Kim have long used ice cream as a way of forecasting the sweet side of their relationship. (Also, ‘Ye just general wants to go get ice cream.)

But Blue Ivy just might be the more age-appropriate ice-cream queen we have been waiting for. We’re ready to bow down. In the meantime, we can only hope that footage emerges of Jay freestyling to the ice-cream truck jingle.