You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that perhaps there are too many instances of Oreos flavor leaks. In the past year, the Internet has teased Red Velvet, S’mores, and Fried-Chicken flavors, with the first two becoming actual, tangible snack cookies (fried-chicken Oreos were, thankfully, fake). While that’s all well and good—Oreos kick *ss—the news of an impending iteration has begun to lose its luster, even if the flavor is one to get psyched over.

Case in point: The Impulsive Buy claims a limited-edition brownie batter flavor is on its way. The site says the flavor has been making the rounds on social media, and “were shown at last month’s Sweet & Snacks Expo in Chicago.” Perez Hilton even added his two cents on the possibility of brownie batter Oreos.

No other details about the snack have emerged. It is another reported Oreos leak, so take the photo with a grain of salt and keep eyes peeled until the Company or Internet says otherwise.

[Eater via The Impulsive Buy]

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