With the 2015 NBA draft quickly approaching, there’s been a lot of talk of some of the top picks, especially the speculated first draft pick by the Timberwolves: 19-year-old Karl-Anthony Towns. But among all the profiles, coverage, and heat on Towns, there’s one particular thing we’re most excited about learning: what flavor of ice cream he fux with. In an effort to deflect rumours of a promise from the Timberwolves, Towns cheekily told reporter Jon Krawczynski that he didn’t have any such guarantee from them, because otherwise he’d be gorging himself on his favorite treat: ice cream.

And with that, a weird fascination with Towns’ eating habits and favorite foods was born. From reporters asking for Dominican food suggestions to touching on his affinity for baking cookies, we’ve put together everything we could possibly find out about eating Towns-style, so you can grub like the No. 1 NBA draft pick.

If you’re rewarding yourself, it’s all about ice creamcream

Sometimes you done good and it’s time to relax and have yourself some ice cream as a reward. Specifically cookies and cream though, Towns tells CBS sports. Don’t get it twisted with any of those sub-par other flavors out there. “I’m a cookies and cream guy,” he says.

If You Aren’t Sure, Eat Dominican

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 8.44.10 PM But It better not be anything but arroz con pollo, because anything else wouldn’t suffice. Just make sure to stay strict to your principals and make that chicken and rice at home just like Towns’ mom does. He tells CBS Sports“I’m a real strict arroz con pollo guy. My mom makes some really good traditional Dominican food, you can’t beat home cooking.” (Photo: Flickr/ Arnold Gatilano)


More Specifically, Eat Pechuga Empanizada 

I’m gonna miss you so much MI APA in Gainesville. I feel a 😥 #sogood

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If you want the good stuff, get the pechuga empanizada (or breaded chicken breast) from Mi Apá Latin Café in Gainesville, Florida.

Always Remember to Eat Between Meals

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 9.58.55 PM If you’re hungry but it’s still a minute until dinner, get yourself a sub. At six-foot-eleven-inches, Towns can definitely put away the food, so if you’re hungry between meals (or between your between meals), it’s perfectly alright to keep it going non-stop. About Towns, the New York Times writes, “After school, he would eat a footlong sub before his mother’s home-cooked dinners, even after having a hefty lunch of homemade chicken, rice and vegetables and his favorite snacks, granola bars and Buncha Crunch.” (Photo: Flickr/JeffreyW)


Don’t be Afraid to Rock the Occasional In-Restaurant Sombrero

As Towns shows us, nothing says swag like pulling that shit off.


Only Winners Get Chicken and Waffles

Sectional championship breakfast #stjoesbball #championsbreakfast #wheresmywheaties #lol

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Towns works hard to be at the top of his game and if he done good (and only if he done good) he’ll reward himself with delicious crispy chicken and sweet waffles. New mantra: Work hard, chicken and waffle hard.


Celebrate with a Snapple

It’s important to acknowledge the milestones of life with a celebratory beverage. Make like Towns and go with a nice fruity Snapple to ring in everything from turning of age to scoring first pick of the draft.


Snack Like You’re Sorry You’re Not Sorry

Sorry coach it’s my weakness

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As a slave to the Buncha Crunch, Towns shows us that when having a guilty pleasure snack it’s best to just own that shit and take on a #sorryimnotsorry attitude.


Clip Your Coupons

Clip coupons and save yourself some cash when it comes to cooking up your meals. Coming from humble means, Towns and his family had to find a way to make ends meet and still keep up with his large appetite. Town’s tells The New York Times that to help cut cost, he and his father would cut coupons and keep a book of them to save on groceries.

“Grocery shopping became a weekly endeavour, straining the budget, until Towns figured out a way he could help: He started collecting coupons. On Sundays, he and his father would dash to a convenience store, grab the newspapers and gather up the inserts.   “We didn’t buy nothing,” Karl Towns said. “We’d just get those coupons.”   Towns was organized; he put a coupon book together. Their laundry room was soon filled with surplus food, drinks, paper towels and dish soaps. Towns loved the idea that he was helping, that he was making life easier for his parents to provide, and then he loved passing along his little secret to others.”

Get Your Bake On

Late night snack #COOKIES #sweettooth

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 With a love for sweets and an affinity for baking, Towns is master of the homemade chocolate chip cookies. When at all possible make yours from scratch, pair with a glass of milk, and enjoy late-night-snack style.

Make Tres Leches your Queen

You know there’s no girl quite like her.

My Dominican sweet tooth and I are going to devour this tres leches cake 😋😋😋 A photo posted by Karl Towns (@karltowns) on

Heaven. #treslechesondeck

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