Guy Fieri is back at it again. This time, The Frosty Tipped One emerged courtside at last night’s Cavs-Warriors NBA Finals matchup to show support for his hometown team. During warmups Fieri stood behind Steph Curry, eyeing the superstar’s flick of the wrist as he took jump shots. Somehow Jessie Jackson found his way into the shot as well, creating what we can only hope will be just one of many amazing photo ops that come out of this series.

In case you haven’t noticed, Fieri is the secret sauce to everyone’s success this year—the man pulling strings behind the scenes, then peeling off in a red Camaro. After the Warriors picked up a clutch win in OT, it looks like Fieri, along with Lil B, will be Golden State’s good luck charm during the finals.

This should come as no surprise. Fieri has long been a muse for some of the greatest talent alive, including Drake, who referenced the Food Network star on the track “6 Man” after being mentored in the kitchen. It seems like he’s taken on a new student in Curry, whose culinary talents have also been lauded by Drake with the indelible line, “I been Steph Curry with the shot / Been cookin’ with the sauce, chef curry with the pot, boy.”

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This makes us wonder: Are Drake, Steph Curry, and Guy Fieri emerging as the new leaders of the Illuminati? And what kind of schemes will they plot with their newest senior member, Jesse Jackson?

When San Jose Mercury News asked Fieri, “What’s hotter: Your curry or Steph Curry?,” Guy responded with a vote of confidence for the Dubs guard: “You couldn’t make a dish hotter than Curry. With Steph, it moves straight to chili flakes. He reaches heat that is incomprehensible.” 

Broadcasters, listen up—it’s not “Curry from downtown!” anymore. It’s “Curry from Flavortown.”

[via SB Nation]