In last night’s NBA Draft, the Charlotte Hornets selected Wisconsin center Frank Kaminsky, a player who’s coming off a remarkable season in which he won college basketball’s top two individual awards. Hornets owner Michael Jordan even passed up a ton of great future draft picks from Boston to nab him at number nine.

But after an offhand remark about BBQ, it’s safe to assume that Kaminsky is about to get ‘grilled’ by the smoked meat-loving citizenry of North Carolina.

Whoa, Frank. This is a scorching-hot food take. Saying that barbecue—a thing that North Carolinians worship as much as their basketball—is merely a sauce and not a deeply-rooted culinary tradition is damn-near treason in the Tarheel State. #BrisketGate already showed that the BBQ community has no patience for mistakes, let alone a flat-out diss like Kaminsky’s. And the shaming campaign that followed NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio’s knife-and-fork pizza-eating debacle was a clear reminder that people take food every bit as seriously as politics and sports.

Kaminsky already fired shots at Charlotte when he said it “looks flat-out boring” to play for an empty arena—why start again? Just remember: In North Carolina, it’s all about the vinegar pepper sauce—no tomato!

[h/t SB Nation]