Two weeks ago, Washington, D.C. manufacturing executive Savvas Savopoulos, his wife Amy, their 10-year-old son Philip, and the family’s housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa were brutally tortured and murdered at the Savopolous home. Police named their only suspect, Daron Wint, after DNA evidence recovered from a Domino’s Pizza at the scene was traced to Wint.

Now Wint’s lawyer, Robin Ficker, says there’s just one problem with that: His client can’t stand pizza.

“He doesn’t eat pizza. If he was hungry, he wouldn’t order pizza,” said Ficker in an interview with ABC News.

i hate pizza 1

Ficker added,

“They believe—perhaps honestly—that they have the man. But as a result of that, they’re not looking elsewhere.”

Ficker cites police statements that the killings “required the presence and assistance of more than one person” to back this line of defense. Police brought four other unnamed suspects in for questioning, but later released them. Wint is currently the only person facing charges. Ficker continued,

“When you eat a pizza, you’re not getting the inside of your mouth on the pizza. You’re trying to convince us that a touch of someone’s lips on a pizza crust means that a murder was committed hours later by the pizza biter? This pizza stuff is a stretch.

He doesn’t like pizza, he doesn’t order pizza. If you don’t like pizza and you’re holding people hostage in a house, aren’t you going to look in the refrigerator for something else?

We’re not certain where Ficker thinks you chew the pizza if not inside your mouth. Reports about the DNA evidence say that the DNA was found “on the crust of a Domino’s Pizza found inside the home,” which sounds reasonable if someone just didn’t like the crust. Lots of people eat the rest of the pizza up to the crust, then leave that crust behind. (Patrick Stewart tweeted about this very topic.)

The motive for the murders remains unclear at this time, although the presence of a mysterious drop-off of $40,000 at the house by an employee of Savopoulos brings up money as a possibility.

Ficker plans to speak with forensic experts about the reliability of the DNA evidence in question. The attorney has previously represented Wint for other unrelated criminal charges—some of which were violent, but none of which involved murder. Or pizza.

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