Recently, the deep-frying game has jumped the shark. Some maniac concocted deep-fried Starbucks, and we felt the line might’ve been crossed. The concept of deep-fried food became meaningless and hollow.

Luckily, we have Instagram user @Peepmysneaks to pull us back from the brink. He took us back to the gluttonous basics by deep-frying a Big Mac.

Here’s how the sausage golden-crisped burger got made:

We reached out to Peep—whose Instagram bio says he’s a “hungry chef and retired sneaker O.G.”—to answer the key questions—namely, how and why?

IG User @PeepMySneaks Explains Why He Deep-Fried a Big Mac

How’d you make it?

It was pretty simple actually. I dipped it in egg, coated it in bread crumbs, and then fried it!

Why’d you do it?

I get that question a lot. Well, I only eat at McDonald’s every once in a while, and the only thing I like is the Big Mac. Everyone knows that deep-frying makes everything better. So I just put two and two together and voilà: a deep-fried Big Mac.

What’s the next thing you’d like to deep-fry?

I haven’t thought that far, but it will most likely be some type of dessert.

Your Instagram bio claims you’re a sneakerhead. If you could deep-fry any shoe, which shoe would it be?

If I could deep-fry a shoe it would probably be the new Yeezy Boost 350, because I would love to see the reaction from everyone seeing that happening!

Would you ever deep-fry a burrito or Starbucks?

I’ll definitely deep fry a burrito—that’s actually an awesome idea! Starbucks, not so much.

Head to Peep’s website to see the full instructions for deep-frying a fast-food burger.