News has surfaced that the 21-year-old shooter responsible for the massacre at the historic Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston was given a free meal from Burger King while in police custody.

According to The Charlotte Observer‘s account of Dylann Roof’s arrest, his initial interrogation with the Shelby police force revolved solely around food:

[pullquote]”Shelby police’s lone conversation with the mass-murder suspect was about food. Earlier in the day, Roof had bought water and chips at a south Charlotte gas station. Now he was hungry. Police bought him food from a nearby Burger King, [Shelby police chief] Ledford said.”[/pullquote]


Photo: WIkimedia Commons

While trivial in the grand scheme of this tragedy, the fast-food run is yet another detail that highlights the current debate over the difference between how suspects of different ethnicities are treated by authorities (and the media) in the U.S.

[via The Charlotte Observer]