The Cleveland Cavaliers will square off against the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals tonight. The Cavs, led by LeBron James, have been the center of several food-related stories over the course of this NBA season, including Timofey Mozgov’s amazing commercial for a Cleveland-area brewpub and Tristan Thompson’s #HotTake on leftovers.

Here’s one more, even if it indirectly involves the team: a Cavs fan took to Twitter to claim he will eat a 20-year-old Mark Price candy bar—a caramel-and-pecan-packed chocolate concoction—if the team wins the Finals.

Mark Price, for the uninitiated, is a former Cavaliers player who made four All-Star teams while he played for the franchise. He’s famously considered one of their all-time greats; however, he never helped them win a championship. Price chimed in once the Tweet went viral.

While we’re assuming the Cavs fan desperately wants the team to win a championship (Cleveland’s pro sports teams haven’t won a title since the 1964 Browns won an NFL championship), his taste buds will thank him if they don’t. Yahoo! Sports points out that Deadspin writers Tom Ley and Barry Petchesky tried the candy bar back in 2013 and they wish they hadn’t:

The caramel and chocolate were repugnant, but the presence of pecans added an extra layer of horror. After just a few tiny bites, we were lunging for the waste basket, spitting and hacking the masticated concoction out of our mouths. Spectators wanted us to try a second helping. “Nope. Nuh uh. No. Fuck me. Nope!”

In conclusion, this Cavs fan loses no matter what. Seems about right—that’s the Cleveland way.

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