Do you love both chorizo and Chipotle, and wish you could a burrito bowl filled with the Mexican sausage? If you’re anywhere near Kansas City, MO, you’re in luck. Starting today, Chipotle is testing its own proprietary chorizo blend at all 33 locations throughout the city, reports the Kansas City Star. This new “Mexican-style fresh sausage blend” contains both ground chicken and ground pork, as well as red wine (hmm), paprika, cumin, and garlic.

chipotle is my life

Although Chipotle has been around for 22 years, the chain has kept its menu virtually the same that entire time. Last fall, it introduced its soy-based sofritas, which had successfully undergone a test run in San Francisco prior to chain-wide release. When #CarnitasGate happened in January, and carnitas started disappearing from certain Chipotle locations, we wondered if it was just a way to push more people to get a little sofritas in their lives. Relax, carnivores: this chorizo is not soy-based.

Chipotle chef Nate Appleman, who was named a James Beard Rising Star Chef in 2009, and has been pushing the chain to adopt chorizo for the past five years. He told the KC Star, “It was one of the first things I worked on. This is a full-flavored chorizo.”

Chorizo makes use of odds and ends of ground meat from all over the hog, and chicken is also the most popular menu item Chipotle currently offers. Combining the two—especially in light of the #CarnitasGate shortage nightmare—just makes good, tasty sense.

Chipotle communications director Chris Arnold said of the test,

“Kansas City is probably a really good barometer of how people will respond to the chorizo anywhere.”

KC Chipotle locations are currently offering chorizo as another protein option for burritos, bowls, tacos, and salads at $6.95 each.

This is actually the chain’s second test of its pork and chicken chorizo recipe. The first hit New York airports in 2011 as a breakfast item, at which point Gothamist was skeptical.

One important question: Will this lead to chorizo and egg breakfast bowls? We sure hope so.

[via the Kansas City Star]