Chick-Fil-A has taken a lot of heat over the past few years when it comes to the topic of same-sex marriage. Back in June of 2012, the company’s CEO S. Truett Cathy spoke out about same-sex marriage publicly, prompting gay rights activists to protest the company’s narrow-mindedness.

So it may come as a surprise to some that Iowa Chick-fil-A franchise owner Adam Donius has decided to sponsor the Iowa City Gay Pride festival, which will go down June 19 and 20. Donius will be donating 200 chicken sandwiches to the Gay Pride Parade, which is in its 45th year.

Maybe Donius is unaware of the anti-gay stigma that has surrounded the chain since 2012? Or maybe he just wants to make things right again through the power of chicken?

While you ponder that question, take a look at this giant Chipotle burrito-float that the chain showed off at a Gay Pride Parade in D.C.

chipChipotle’s 2013 pride parade float (Photo: Chipotle)

[via Grubstreet, KCRG]