Bruce Jenner became a member of Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, California 15 years ago. TMZ came out with a story accusing the club of having a seriously archaic set up in place: “…there’s a grill in the locker room that is male only. The women’s locker room has its own eating area which is way more scaled down.”

Now that Bruce is Caitlyn, TMZ reported that she would be segregated from the male members of the club.

Sherwood charges members a $150k to $300k initiation fee. For that kind of money, you’d think members—no matter if they are transgender, transexual, male, female, or from another planet—could eat wherever they wanted to. TMZ writes,

Our Sherwood sources say the board will enforce the rules, which means the camaraderie Bruce shared with the other members will be impeded now that she’s Caitlyn.

But we’re also told the board is open to an appeal by Caitlyn herself. She can attempt to make a case that she can keep the same privileges she had when she was Bruce.

But the LA Times shares a different side of the story: the news source reports that the club said it was “very disappointed and surprised” to see the TMZ report. The country club put out a statement saying:

The club was never contacted and had no input into stories about Caitlyn Jenner, and it shows. Reporting of discord between Ms. Jenner and this club is entirely false. Bruce Jenner has and continues to be a valued and long term member at the club.

Sherwood’s dining facilities are currently being renovated, and the club “would not comment on members’ private use of the club or Jenner’s future use of the facilities,” according to the Times.

So the question remains: Will Caitlyn be permitted to dine with her golf buddies? If we were in Jenner’s shoes, we’d just find a different club, because this one seems pretty wack.

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