Meet Steve Cohen. Cohen’s a billionaire who once ran uber-successful hedge fund SAC Capital, which closed a year and a half ago after it pleaded guilty to insider-trading charges. Regardless, Cohen’s still a very rich man—his estimated net worth just north of $11 billion.

With that sort of guap to your name, you can do all sort of bonkers stuff. Cohen’s an avid art collector—he recently bought a statue for $141 million at Christie’s, natch—and owns homes in Manhattan; East Hampton, NY; and Greenwich, CT. One would think his potential to flex on all us troglodytes would be maxed out, and yet he found another way to stunt: He kept a gigantic pig within his Connecticut mansion. And not only that, but he fed it such a fat-cat diet that it got too big to stay on the property.

Per the gossipmongers at Page Six:

But — as wild as this sounds — Romeo got a little too porky for Cohen’s 35,000-square-foot, 30-room mansion. Weighing in at over 150 pounds, the pampered pig has just been posted to a vegan animal rescue facility in Florida.

One source who saw the mogul with his hallowed hog before it was exiled said, “Their pet pig was like a member of the Cohen family. Romeo had a room in their house. He was treated like the king of the house, but he got too big, and was sent to a sanctuary in Florida. They even threw a leaving dinner for him.”

To put this into perspective: When people keep pigs as household pets, they expect them to remain smaller than those bred for slaughter on a song. But a National Geographic expose on pet pigs reveals that it’s impossible to predict how big they’ll grow.

In any case, do you think Cohen gives a f*ck what science and biology dictates? He’ll have a pet pig whether it’s kosher or not, dammit. He’s a master of the universe, after all.

[via Page Six]