The 203 passengers onboard an Amtrak train traveling from San Antonio to Chicago probably planned to eat something on their trip. But they weren’t expecting their meal to involve 70,000 pounds of bacon about 60 miles south of Chicago.

NBC Chicago reports that Texas Eagle Train 22 collided with a tractor-trailer loaded with 70,000 pounds of bacon at the intersection of IL Rte. 53 and River Road, in the town of Wilmington, southwest of Chicago. No serious injuries to the truck driver, train passengers, or crew occurred, but there was bacon everywhere.

Here’s video from the scene:

Ten ambulances were called to the scene as a precaution after the impact. Passenger Sam Herwitz describe the incident as an impact followed by confusion when the train remained stopped and the crew didn’t make any announcements for about 20 minutes.

The train’s impact on the truck was so great, the cab got completely separated from the trailer.

Herwitz also posted some close-up photos of the truck on Instagram while he and the other passengers waited for help:

@amtrak problems. Split truck into two parts #amtrak

A photo posted by Sam Herwitz (@samherwitz) on

Truck vs. train. Train wins #amtrak

A photo posted by Sam Herwitz (@samherwitz) on

Herwitz described the scene for NBC:

“There’s boxes everywhere. But somehow the driver was OK. The truck that hit the train is in pieces.”

Meanwhile, NBC Chicago reporter Trina Orlando tweeted out a close-up of all that bacon box carnage. Note that later in the Twitter thread, she corrected her original tweet to 70,000 pounds, not tons.

We’re glad no one was hurt, but we also know what we would have done if we’d been there and all those sad bacon boxes were strewn everywhere:

homer bacon

[via NBC Chicago]