How many LEGOs does it take to make a donut-themed piece of art? 5,308, apparently.

Well-known LEGO artist Andy Bauch has crafted a reproduction of Los Angele’s iconic Randy’s Donuts sign in an amazing tribute to one of the country’s best donut

He also made a reproduction of the Pink’s Hot Dog sign and the Helm’s Bakery sign, which you can check out below.


We chatted with Andy about his vision, the process, and where he likes to eat donuts in LA.

Do you have a personal connection to Randy’s Donuts? Why did you choose it as a subject?

The Randy’s donuts mosaic is actually one of a series of LA locales I was commissioned to make for the Delta Airlines SkyClub at LAX. It was chosen as a subject because it’s such a cool LA landmark. A donut drive-in with a 32-foot donut on top of it is hard to beat.

How long did the Randy’s piece take you to put together?

The piece took about 20 hours to complete.

A donut drive-in with a 32-foot donut on top of it is hard to beat.

Why do you use LEGOs as a medium?

I’m a self-taught artist and I use LEGO bricks because they’re an eye-catching childhood hallmark that tow the line between digital and analog representations of reality. And LEGOs invite the audience to investigate the piece both up close and from a distance.

What other donut shops do you like in LA?

Other donut shops? I’m a fan of Bob’s Coffee and Donuts at the Grove because it’s hard to beat a dinosaur donut. As a native New Englander, I should probably make a pilgrimage to the Dunkin’ Donuts in Santa Monica but I haven’t made the trek from downtown yet!

We think one of Primo’s would be really great as a next project (hint hint).helms